MarketingPersonaCoverImageNarrow your target market and speak to an audience of one to win business.

Magically, when you speak to an audience of 'one' people connect emotionally with your brand. But who is your audience of 'one'?

Download this FREE Marketing Persona worksheet and create your your audience of 'one'.

The worksheet will help you commit to paper the virtues and values; words and saying; attitudes and concerns of your audience of 'one'.

Download and get immediate access to the Marketing Persona Worksheet. Simply enter your First Name and best work Email address and get the FREE Marketing Persona worksheet.

  • Use on your Website

    Use images, words and phrases your persona uses – draws her in, makes her feel like home

  • Content Marketing

    Easier to calm her fears, answer question at every stage of her buying journey

  • Facebook Ads

    Laser target her and only her with image that resonate, words that move her. Higher CTR + lower CPA = More ROAS.

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